When the Hair Transplant is Needed for the Styling of Hair

The main goal of the surgical restoration of hair is to enhance the patients’ appearance both in terms of aesthetic need and cosmetic benefits. The hair transplant procedure has an aim of achieving the youthfulness back by covering the No Hair Zone with the hair follicles. The procedure starts with the defining the donor area, usually, from the back & sides of the scalp where the grafts have permanently resistant to the effect of DHT and never fall is used primarily for the implantation. The implantation of hair requires the specific set of skills, knowledge, precision, skills and experience to offer the best outcomes of the procedure. The next step of extraction is facilitated by the two techniques, whether the FUT hair transplant or the FUE hair transplant and the procedure close at the implantation stage, which is followed by the distribution of grafts to the defined bald areas of the scalp.

The hair transplant in India is very much familiar with the patients all over the world as they get the affordable cost, best facilities as well as the expert Surgeon in India with the best possible outcome of the procedure.

Usually, the hair transplant is needed and applied when the patient is affected with the hair loss problem of hereditary baldness like Androgenic alopecia, stress related hair loss of Telogen Effluvium or Alopecia areata, which results in the permanent losing of hair. Moreover, the procedure is a major applicability with the male pattern baldness and female requires it with the case of the female pattern of hair loss even they do not show the complete baldness like the men because their genetic calculation does not allow the Androgen sensitivity or non-sensitivity as it is a male hormone, nonetheless the procedure of hair restoration is applied in women also to meet the desired density following the stylistic concern for the particular purposes. Men with thin hair or less hair also require the transplantation to get the dense-packed hair.

However, the restoration of hair is not just taken as the treatment for the hair loss/baldness, but also used as fulfilling the desired density of hair to meet the cosmetic benefits of the procedure.

How the Procedure of Hair Transplant fulfills the Styling Need of the Patients with desired graft Placement is Answered below:

  1. Aesthetic High-Density: The aesthetically high-density hair transplant is needed by the people who have a thin quality of hair and they wish to get it denser and packed with hair follicles ask for the hair transplant procedure. The women who are affected with the hair loss, usually requires the high-density hair transplant since the woman’s personality is rated on their overall look, especially the attributes of their hair and eyebrows.
  2. For special Purposes: The film star or celebrities like singer, dancer and musician need it for the sake of their profession and the special styling need to stand in the glamour world need the hair transplant procedure especially. The special purposes mostly demanded by the actor, model, player, singer or a stylish person who need the hairstyle more than anything others and hair transplant is the best solution.

The cost of high-density Hair Transplant

Usually, the cost of a high-density hair transplant is always more than that of the normal restoration as the needed number of grafts are in the huge numbers applies the consecutively based on per graft numbers. The high-density also requires the Mega/Giga session and the expert hair transplant surgeon perform it in the most effective and aesthetic manner put the cost extra in order to meet the cosmetic needs of the procedure.


In the nutshell, we can say that the hair restoration has both the cosmetic benefits as well as the aesthetic value in order to place the grafts on the particular recipient site to meet the goal of the aesthetic and natural hair transplant surgery to enhance the person’s looks & appearance.








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