A Brief Professional Biography Of Jim Plante

Jim Plante is a highly successful investor and an acknowledged leader in the biotech industry. Throughout his working life, he has always been primarily interested in improving people’s lives through technology. The following are some of his notable accomplishments.


In 1996, Plante served as president of Beltronics, a leading provider of high-performance millimeter wave radar safety systems. He worked with the struggling company to come out with a new and innovative product line that turned its finances around in just a year. The company was then bought for a sum that provided a huge return for its investors.

E-Band Communications

In 2002, Plante helped another company achieve success. E-Band Communications designs and manufactures wireless communication systems, and under Plante’s leadership, they launched the first multi-gigabit capacity 7080 GHz band communications links for mobile wireless infrastructure and fiber optic replacement in the history of the industry, raising the value of each share of stock by more than 8,000%.

Pathway Genomics

When Plante’s father was diagnosed with a genetic disorder known as polycystic kidney disease, it was too late for any treatment to prevent kidney failure. This tragedy, along with Plante’s own subsequent diagnosis of the same disorder, motivated him to find a way to help others get access to affordable and possibly life-saving genetic testing. With this goal in mind, he started the company Pathway Genomics in 2008, and it now offers a larger selection of genetic tests than any laboratory in history, including tests for cancer risk, cardiac health, nutritional needs, and a host of inherited illnesses.

Thynk Capital

In 2011, Plante founded Thynk Capital, which provides capital to technology and life science companies, particularly those that are just starting out. Growth capital has helped drive innovation of new technology and brought new drugs to the market. Thynk Capital focuses on companies that are doing work and coming up with solutions that improve the quality of human life.

Today, Mr. Plante is still working to drive technology forward and promote life-saving innovations through his leadership as CEO of two companies and through his personal investing. He has a firm belief in the power of technological entrepreneurialism to improve lives now and in the future.